Fort Hays State Rodeo

Fort Hays State Rodeo

a hidden gem of the central plains

If you’re traveling through Kansas or Colorado along i70, once you leave the traffic of the front range, eventually you’ll leave Mountain Time and enter CST. Pine trees will dissipate and be replaced with large oak trees. Located approximately 200 miles east of the Colorado Border is the largest city in Northwest Kanas, home of Fort Hays State University and the FHSU Rodeo Team (roll tiges).

You may have heard of the NCAA, but have you ever heard of the NIRA? The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association is the sanctioning body that allows college students to travel across the country to other colleges to compete in roping, barrel racing, bronc riding, or bull riding. Unlike the NCAA students pay to play, and can earn big money if they can make it to the top 12 and advance to the short round. Athletes don’t travel on school busses, but instead haul their own trucks, trailers, and equine partners.

College athletes practice just as much as sports like baseball or football, but practice involves not only students and sports equipment, but cattle and horses.

Athletes often utilize video as a tool to analyze and improve their runs.

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